Fees & Charges


Application Fee

Non-refundable payment of $35 per child, intended to offset the cost of processing applications.

Enrolment Fee

A confirmation of enrolment fee of $50 is payable to confirm your offer of enrolment, following an interview with the Principal.  This is credited to your First term fee charge.

Pre Kindergarten  (3 Year old programme)

$70 per day. Payment will be calculated on the whole day sessions per term inclusive of any days absent. This will commence from the first day of attendance and every allotted day thereafter. Payment is required in advance.

Fee Structure

A total invoice for 2018 will be raised at the beginning of Term 1. Reminder statements will be issued at the beginning of Term 2 and Term 3.                         

  Tuition Amenities & Levies Total
Kindergarten 800 769 1569
Pre Primary 1260 987 2247
Year 1 1260 978 2238
Year 2 1260 1005 2265
Year 3 1260 1011 2271
Year 4 1260 1017 2277
Year 5 1260 1302 2562
Year 6 1260 1323 2583

Payment of Fees

Term 1 instalment due 25th February 2018

Term 2 instalment due 20th May 2018

Final instalment due 26th August 2018

Tuition fee family discounts:

2nd full-time child - 20%

3rd full-time child - 40%

4th full-time child or more - 100%

Payment Options

Fees may be paid by BPay, EFTPOS, Direct Debit or Cheque.  Payments should be finalised by 3 August 2018

Assistance with Fees

Once enrolled, no Catholic student will be excluded from the school due to the inability of his/her parents to pay the full prescribed fee and associated contributions. Parents seeking further information should contact the Principal.


The HPCPS School Board is supportive towards parents with genuine needs who require financial assistance. Parents seeking assistance should arrange to meet with the Principal to discuss their needs. All concessions relate only to the year in which the concession is made and should there be a need to continue, the arrangement must be re-negotiated on an annual basis.

Health Care Card / PPS Concession Card

Holders of Health Care Cards or PPS Concession Cards should approach the school Finance Officer with regards to discount on tuition fees. Cards must be current or fees will be adjusted.

Notice of Withdrawal

Parents are required to give one term’s notice in writing if they intend to withdraw their child from the school during the course of the school year. If a student is withdrawn without a term’s notice, a full term’s fees will be charged.