Is the school a single or multiple stream school?

HPCPS in 2014 has a double Kindergarten class and a single Pre Primary and a combined Yr 1 and Yr 2 class, that's 4 active classrooms.  The school is designed to be a double stream school from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Does the school have a Before and After School Care Facility/ Three Year Old Kindy?

Yes, Camp Australia provide this service to the school community.  The following link may assist with your inquiry.

Camp Australia at HPCPS


The parents and staff at Hammond Park Catholic Primary School expect a high standard of dress to be maintained by all children. The main colour 'red' has been established for the school and complementary colours of grey and white are used to match this scheme. The school sports uniform of a red polo shirt and grey shorts and grey tracksuit are considered to be a suitable uniform for students in Kindergarten and Pre Primary. Year 1 upwards will wear a more formal uniform. All uniforms can be viewed and ordered on the school website.

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How can I make contact? Is there an Enrolment Booklet available online?

Enrolment information is available online at or from the school office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 6595 6100. There is no enrolment booklet available online.

What is the Enrolment Process?

An application for enrolment booklet must be completed, as fully as possible, for every child enrolled. A non-refundable application fee of $35 must accompany the enrolment book. On offer of enrolment at HPCPS a deposit of $50 must be paid to the school office. This deposit secures your position and is credited to your school fees account. The school has EFTPOS facilities.

Before an application can be considered, the following conditions must be met:

  • Parents/guardians are required to complete in full the enrolment booklet
  • Arrange an interview with the Parish Priest. A reference form for the Priest to complete will be posted to you with the enrolment pack.  The Priest's reference form is not available online.
  • Parents/guardians must provide birth and Baptismal certificates and immunisation records
  • Parents/guardians and the children to be enrolled attend an interview with the Principal.

My child is only very young but I would love them to attend HPCPS when they are old enough. Can I enrol him/her now?

Yes, provision for bookings for children to be enrolled in future years is available.

What should I expect in terms of school fees and charges?

For the latest fees and charges please refer to the tab under the 'General Information' button.  The fees and charges are presented to the school community at the annual AGM every November.  Adjustments are made in consultation with the Catholic Education Office and school Board members.

Is there an Enrolment Criteria?

Applications will be considered in the following order of priority:

  • Catholic students from the Parish with a Parish Priest reference
  • Catholic students from outside the Parish with a Parish Priest Reference
  • Other Catholic students
  • Siblings of non-Catholic students
  • Non-Catholic students from other Christian denominations
  • Other Non-Catholic Students

Do I have to be a Catholic?

The school is a Catholic School and the Catholic faith is integrated into everything that we do. We are welcoming of families who are interested in participating fully in a Catholic school which has such values, beliefs and practices. This discussion can be further explored at the enrolment interview with the Principal.  Please refer to the 'Criteria for Enrolment' found under the General Information tab, -Enrolment.

iPad Use

The use of iPads forms a part of everyday learning activities for our children, bringing the outside world into the classroom at the tap of a screen. It does not form the sole basis of our learning, but is a useful tool in the learning journey of every student.

Children require the full size iPad not the mini iPad.  The minimum 16GB is suitable.

All iPads are WiFi compatible.  Students do not need Celluar 3G or 4G Sim cards installed for data access. Keeping the iPad up to date with the latest IOS is very important.  Parents can assist in this regard.

A cover or hard shell protector is a very good investment.  The large rubberised ‘floppy handles’ type cover tends to be cumbersome.

The iPads are not ‘managed’ by the school.  A profile is created for each iPad which allows it to connect to the school network without passwords.  All data traffic is filtered for appropriate use through the Cathednet network while the iPad is at school.  The school will upload most of the apps for student use.

What year levels will the school have in 2018?

  • 1 x Three Year Old Kindergarten
  • 2 x Kindergarten classes
  • 2 x Pre Primary
  • 2 x Year 1
  • 2 x Year 2
  • 2 x Year 3
  • 1 x Year 4
  • 1 x Year 5 Year 6 Combined

Does the school have a P & F? Is there an opportunity for me to contribute?

The P & F committee, whose responsibilities include representing the entire parent body, helping parents to engage with the school and the education of their children, as well as working together to support the school is such an important part of our school community.  There are considerable opportunities for all parents to be involved at whatever level they so choose.  Our P&F Association meet the third and eight week of every school term and all parents of HPCPS are welcome to attend.  The School app gives notice for all P&F meetings.  The agenda and minutes for every meeting are published on this web page.  All meetings begin at 7.00pm and are always held in the School Library.