In 2017, HPCPS will implemented a model for STEAM enrichment (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).  We have an emerging arts and science emphasis, with science, music and visual arts specialist teachers employed.  We also havea high level of teacher expertise in technology, drama and dance.  The model will lead to deep learning of content and skills in a cross-curricular context, supporting current literature.  This model will be timetabled weekly into the curriculum, and will be aimed at all students from Years 2-6. Classroom and specialist teachers will plan and teach collaboratively, with an emphasis on inquiry and the development of key future skills, such as problem solving, digital fluency, creativity and innovation, through the exploration of areas such as robotics, coding, photography, dance and drama.  There will be an emphasis on the exploration of real world problems and will engage professionals from the STEAM fields. Showcases of student learning will occur each term.

Links to current literature:

Masters (2015)

Fullan &Langworthy (2014)