General Information

BEHOLD, I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW                     Rev 21:5

The motto chosen for Hammond Park Catholic Primary School is taken from the last book of the bible, the Book of Revelation.

To place it in context, the quote is found in the final chapters of the book which describes in majestic terms the ultimate triumph of the risen and glorious Christ who brings with Him the new and eternal Jerusalem. This Jerusalem is the reign of the Kingdom of God and the absorption of the world as we know it into the heavenly realm.

The significance for us is that this triumphant event has already begun! It is not something that will happen with a bang sometime in the vague and distant future. It is rooted in the story of the human race and will be completed at the end of time. So while its completion is in the future, its beginning – and importantly – its progress is in the ‘now’.

Hence, ‘Behold, I make all things new’ refers to an ongoing act of grace by God in which He shapes us for our heavenly destiny.

As a school community - staff, students, families, parish – we should draw encouragement from our school motto, knowing that although life will throw up all sorts of challenges, God has won the ultimate Victory in His Son Jesus Christ and that He chooses to continue to make all things (especially us) new so that we might fulfil our destiny and live with Him forever.

Fr Bryan Rosling
Parish Priest
Mater Christi Parish, Yangebup WA.
January 2013.