Bush Play

In 2014, HPCPS implemented a Bush Play program to engage students in nature play experiences.  Bush Play experiences offer meaningful, open-ended interactions to occur between children and the natural world around them.  Bush Play learning experiences develop children’s inquiry, exploration, and discovery through an authentic connection to nature.  Bush Play fosters an appreciation of the natural environment, develops environmental awareness and provides a platform for ongoing environmental education.   In 2015, the Catholic Education Office of W.A, awarded HPCPS a Merit Award acknowledging the educational value of engaging students in the Bush Play program.  A HPCPS Bush Play policy has been developed.

HPCPS has two trained Nature Pedagogy teachers who assist in the implementation of Bush Play learning experiences aimed at Years P-6.  Using a teaching approach which incorporates inquiry based learning, classroom teachers will work with a nature pedagogy teacher each term, to implement learning experiences that develop practices that promote sustainability and conservation.  Students will have the opportunity to develop skills such as safe tool use, making cordage creating felt as well as using fire as a tool.  Through these Bush Play learning experiences, students develop attitudes of respect, curiosity, wonder and awe of the natural world around them.

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