Digital Technology

HPCPS integrates the use of mobile technology in a 1 to 1 device initiative from Year 1 to Year 6.  Students in Kindergarten and Pre Primary share the use of school supplied devices.  The mobile device is a powerful tool which is used to enrich a child’s learning environment.  Mobile technology is used for creating, problem solving, communicating and subsequently sharing these capabilities with their peers, their parents and their teachers at a developmentally appropriate level.  Good teaching does not arrive in a mobile device nor does it replace play, handwriting, construction activities or socialising with friends. Apps which are assigned for student use are chosen to extend creativity and inquiry and are not chosen for recreation or game play.

When a child is engaged in problem solving and they make a choice to use a mobile device to complete a task, then they compare their solution with a peer and finally publish their project with a wider audience, you have technology used well.  The device should ultimately allow a learner to complete a task not previously imagined possible.  HPCPS has an IT coach to continue to enhance digital fluency, and support students, parents and teachers to use technology responsibly.