Early Childhood


At HPCPS we understand that parents are the first educators, and their contribution and participation is highly valued. Information nights are held to allow parents to learn about the routines and content taught, as well as to inform them about the support available to them through the school. Parents are encouraged to participate in parent help, reading rosters, excursions and other special events we hold. Students attending school in the early years at HPCPS are viewed as capable and competent students who are given opportunities to contribute to their learning. Educators at HPCPS are advocates for the students, and in turn are invested in supporting and developing a relationship with them.


We pride ourselves on providing an educational experience in the early years that instils a love for learning through a purposeful and authentic process. Educators facilitate learning that targets student needs and understandings through differentiated programs. Learning is influenced by a play-based approach that embraces childhood and allows teachers to provide students with experiences to participate in hands on activities within the context of their learning and opportunities to apply learnt knowledge. We teach the students that learning is beyond the classroom and can be applied to many aspects within their life.


Our classrooms are places that provoke thoughts for learning through classroom materials and displays. Students are encouraged to engage using their curiosity, instigation and reflection skills in collaborative activities and class discussions. At HPCPS, our classrooms are more than just a place that students attend class, it is a place that students feel they belong because the student’s identity is truly represented through work displayed.