Literacy and Numeracy


Hammond Park Catholic Primary School value best practice in literacy instruction and accept the task of providing the best possible education for our students.  After much research and inquiry, our school has decided on a new approach to literacy instruction, using many programs within the MultiLit suite of products.

MultiLit is a research initiative of Macquarie University, and its products reflect a contemporary approach to best practice literacy instruction as identified by well renowned reading scientists.

HPCPS will implement three different tiers of the MultiLit program; InitiaLit, MiniLit and MaqcLit. This Response to Intervention Model, represents how the instruction delivered to students varies on several dimensions that are related to the nature and severity of the student's difficulties.

InitiaLit is an evidence-based whole-class literacy program which will provide all children with the essential core knowledge and strong foundations to become successful readers and writers. InitiaLit is a three-year program, covering the first three years of school (Pre-Primary to Year 2).

The MiniLit program comprises of carefully constructed lessons, to be delivered in small groups. Students are tested to determine the ideal starting point in the program, and are grouped accordingly. Regular assessments will be administered throughout the program.

The primary focus of the MacqLit program is the need for older readers to develop strong word recognition strategies. It provides students with a comprehensive sequence of lessons that includes all the key components necessary for effective reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Our teachers and support staff in Pre-Primary to Year 2 have been involved in professional learning opportunities related to improving student outcomes in Literacy Instruction. They will put their recently acquired skills and knowledge into practice from Term 2, 2020 and beyond.


The West Australian Curriculum focuses on developing increasingly sophisticated and refined mathematical understanding, fluency, logical reasoning, analytical thought and problem-solving skills. This is achieved through the use of hands on learning opportunities, explicit teaching, open ended tasks and embracing opportunities to explore mathematics in our everyday world. These capabilities enable students to respond to familiar and unfamiliar situations by employing known mathematical strategies to make informed decisions and solve problems efficiently. Students are afforded regular opportunities to practise these skills through integration into other learning areas. At HPCPS, we explicitly teach mental math strategies which, through practice, develop over time to build on student’s numeracy skills and knowledge.