Performing Arts

Performing Arts is a highly valued learning area at Hammond Park Catholic Primary School. Not only is it an avenue for children to experience the full aesthetic of mind, body and spirit in action, but it provides the engine for all sorts of language, literacy and literature concepts. It is understood that not all children are attracted to the stage, but a unified programme across the school not only provides opportunities for growth in confidence in all modes of performance, but also evidences and celebrates those who are gifted in this area. Parents and teachers have been involved since the infancy of the school to provide a dynamic alongside the children. As the school has grown the children have taken on the starring roles in our liturgical events, which are large community gatherings to witness Holy Scripture becoming 'real' and tangible. In 2019, the school was represented at the Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival in both the Primary Drama and Primary Beginning Choir sections. We were very successful, receiving merit certificates for all three performances. We have been involved with this festival since our foundation year, at the Festival Opening Mass, and in 2016 as participants.  We will be contributing and consolidating our skills further in 2020.