Strategic Plan


Every child is empowered through a holistic Catholic education to reach their full potential and meaningfully contribute to the world.


At Hammond Park Catholic Primary School, our FAITH in Jesus is central, our EDUCATION is contemporary and authentic, our CARE enhances our relationships and we equip our students for the FUTURE to give service to the world.

HPCPS Four Pillars

Our Catholic faith strengthens our relationships, inspires our work and builds a community where Jesus is central to everything we do. HPCPS fosters the preparation of young people to give service to Australian society and to our world, so they may act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God. Education at HPCPS is engaging, meaningful and authentic. Every child’s sense of wonder, curiosity and creativity is enriched through flexible, natural, adaptive and contemporary learning environments. Working in partnership with families and our parish, our educators facilitate and scaffold learning opportunities to cater for the needs of all students. Care drives our service to the world. At HPCPS, we honour the dignity of every person in our community, as we strive to demonstrate care through the values of compassion, mercy and respect. We exhibit these qualities by caring for our relationship with God, our environment, others and ourselves. We seek to ensure that students are prepared for a complex, interconnected and changing world, and challenge them to become lifelong and life-wide learners in the future. We work in partnerships with parents to develop in students the ability to think and problem solve, persist and show resilience. Digital fluency and sustainability are key focuses, as we aim to assist our students to be global citizens. Faith

The objectives of our Faith pillar are:

  • To build and strengthen our relationship with Jesus,
  • To significantly contribute to the activities of the Parish and the Catholic Community, and
  • To meaningfully contribute to the local and wider community.

We will do this by:

Encouraging our students and staff to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Continual support of The Parish of Mater Christi, Yangebup, in the sacramental preparation of the students within HPCPS.
  • Generate further opportunities for all to participate and engage with their faith, specifically through liturgical singing, whole-of-school masses and liturgies.
  • Continue to develop our school’s mission through the development of a school prayer and song.
  • Support teachers in the development of a prayer culture within their classroom.
  • Create and maintain faith enrichment opportunities for all staff.
Strengthen our knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith.
  • Seek, provide and deliver quality professional development in the area of Religious Education.
  • Support the learning and teaching of Religious Education through increasing the classroom resources available for all staff.
  • Utilising data from the Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment to inform practices and enhance student learning in Religious Education.
Increasing our charity focus and community outreach.
  • Create and foster opportunities for Christian service learning opportunities for all students and staff.
  • Strengthen support for Catholic charities, including Caritas, LifeLink and St Vincent de Paul.
Strengthening our relationship with neighbouring Catholic schools and colleges.
  • Create opportunities for joint activities with the parish, neighbouring Catholic primary schools and
  • Emmanuel Catholic College.
  • Engage with local schools and Catholic colleges to assist preparation of students into high school.
  • Support the wider Catholic education community in Western Australia through implementing Catholic Education Western Australia’s LEAD strategic landscape. 

We will know we are making progress when:

  • All students, staff and parents actively give witness to Christian values.
  • Our community proactively supports the sacramental life and activities of our school and our parish.
  • We are connected with our neighbouring schools and Emmanuel Catholic College across a range of initiatives, and continually are serving our wider community.


The objectives of our Education pillar are:

  • To focus on contemporary and engaging learning practices,
  • To continually improve educational outcomes for all students,
  • To provide diverse and relevant extra-curricular activities to meet the needs of a wide range of students,
  • Attract, develop and retain staff committed to lifelong learning and evidence-based practice, and
  • To support the learning and development of all of our staff.

We will do this by:

Strategies Project / Program 
Integrating team teaching in flexible and contemporary classrooms. 
  • Commit to providing comprehensive and engaging professional development in contemporary learning,
  • and team teaching.
  • Enhance school facilities through the building program and capital development processes, to create flexible and contemporary learning spaces in harmony with the school environment.
  • Differentiate curriculum and pedagogy to create a personalised learning experience for every child.
  • Embed recruitment processes and peer appraisal to support team teaching.
  • Implement a whole school approach to nature pedagogy and bush play
Collecting, analysing and learning from student data to improve student learning outcomes.
  • Monitor and analyse student progress through NAPLAN, PAT and Brightpath.
  • Assist staff with analysis of data through timetabled year level meetings, and support from the data coordinator and leadership team.
Increasing experiences for all children at our school, to engage and support them in their learning.
  • Create and implement whole-of-school approaches to Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Maintain and continually develop a support program to cater for children with learning difficulties.
  • Develop and implement an approach to support gifted and talented students within the school.
  • Create a Middle Years Charter.
  • Increase school resources and utilise existing resources to maximise student learning opportunities.
  • Introduce a language program into the school, in consultation with Emmanuel Catholic College.
  • Increase opportunities for physical education, the performing arts, visual arts, science and technology in the school, by maintaining the specialist program.
  • Develop relationships with neighbouring Catholic schools to generate and support opportunities for interschool sport.
  • Through understanding the views of our parent community and staff, introduce an extra-curricular program to further engage students.
Supporting all staff and assisting them to participate in ongoing professional development and learning.
  • Develop, implement and continually evaluate an organisational framework for HPCPS.
  • Support staff coordinators to develop timely, creative and engaging initiatives in harmony with the Vision and Mission of the school.
  • Continue to implement positive staff appraisal processes, to encourage professional learning and staff development including potential leadership opportunities.
  • Maintain staff recruitment processes to attract high quality educators to HPCPS.
  • Foster collaboration between educators and leaders, and ensure the consistency of standards across year levels through the implementation of year level meetings, professional learning communities, staff meetings and leadership meeting structures.

We will know we are making progress when:

We systemically and effectively use data to identify and support the individual needs of students as well as to inform our teaching and learning.

  • Our school facilities reflect our commitment to the physical and educational environment of our school.
  • Contemporary learning and teaching strategies are evident throughout the school.
  • Our students perform positively against State and National Benchmarks as well as their own personal benchmarks.
  • Feedback from our staff indicates clarity of purpose, and that their work and contributions are valued and acknowledged.


The objectives of our Care pillar are:

  • to ensure the wellbeing of every child in our care,
  • to establish sustainable facilities in harmony with our community and environment, and
  • to create and promote a physically and emotionally safe environment for the community.

We will do this by:

Strategies Project / Program
Developing a policy framework, procedures and services to support our current school needs and cater for our future school needs.
  • Draft, implement and evaluate the Code of Conduct for staff, students, parents and guardians, volunteers
  • and the wider community.
  • Draft, implement and review governance policies for Child Protection, Privacy and other school policies as required, in consultation with the staff and community.
  • Enhance school-wide procedures and services, including Camp Australia.
Supporting all children, particularly those who are socially, physically or emotionally at risk.
  • Review the school’s behaviour management policy to support students to develop self-regulation skills and
  • build resilience.
  • Develop a whole-of-school approach to protective behaviours and bullying prevention.
  • Maintain and continually evaluate individualised plans and support for children with special needs or learning difficulties.
  • Partner with reliable external support services to best support the students within the school.
Establishing school facilities in harmony with the environment.
  • Develop our school environment, particularly school buildings and facilities, to promote sustainability and
  • care for the environment.
  • Enhance the playground equipment and structures within the school to promote a positive environment for all involved within the community.

We will know we are making progress when:

  • Our policy framework and organisational structure is clearly aligned with our school’s vision, mission and the four pillars.
  • We have a relationship with our environment, and all staff and students positively promote environmental sustainability.
  • Every child is supported through their learning and development, including those who are socially, physically or emotionally at risk.


The objectives of our Future pillar are:

To foster the development of resilience, persistence, problem solving skills and creativity in our students,

To develop programs to support our students to be digitally fluent, environmentally responsible and global citizens, and

To commit to parents as the first educators of their children and build rich relationships, ensuring the focus remains always on the child.

We will do this by:

Strategies Project / Program
Supporting all students to build and demonstrate resilience, persistence, problem solving skills and creativity.
  • Implement the Virtues program for values and character education.
  • Maintain the Aussie Optimism program to support social and emotional skills amongst students.
  • Maintain and build upon the play-based approach to the early years, in line with the Early Years Charter.
  • Develop a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics) enrichment for all children in the middle years.
  • Establish and foster student leadership opportunities within the school.
Implementing programs to assist students to be digitally fluent, environmentally responsible and global citizens.
  • Promote a positive relationship with the local environment through sustainability learning opportunities within the school.
  • Provide time and resources to support information technology and conservation coaching for staff, run by designated school leaders.
  • Implement evidence-based approaches to the use of one-to-one iPads across the school and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the program.
  • Develop an approach to cybersafety and the responsible use of technology to support students and parents.
  • Enhance cultural learning opportunities within the school, with an emphasis on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures and Asian cultures.
Committing to building rich and genuine relationship with parents.
  • Develop clear and consistent whole-of-school communication methods with parents and the wider
  • community.
  • Encourage parents to participate in their child’s learning at school, by providing opportunities including Fresh Grade, parent information nights, interviews, performances and showcases of student learning.
  • Maintain and create further opportunities for parent contribution to the school and its development, through initiatives run by the P&F, School Board and volunteering.

We will know we are making progress when:

  • Every child is support to building and demonstrating qualities indicating resilience, persistence, problem solving skills and creativity.
  • Evaluation of the programs delivered within the school indicate students are digitially fluent, environmentally responsible and demonstrating behaviours of global citizenship.
  • Parents continually provide feedback indicating a positive relationship with the school, specifically with regards to opportunities for involvement and timely and effective communication methods used.

Measuring Our Progress

At Hammond Park Catholic Primary School, our entire school community is committed to our strategic plan and committed to measuring our progress across the strategic objectives contained with our four pillars. Our community has a shared vision for every graduate of our school and together, we are accountable for every child reaching their full potential and meaningfully ccontributing to the world. We will inform, measure and evaluate our programs and projects through data obtained through our school climate survey, parent feedback, staff appraisals and interviews to continually monitor and report on our progress. In addition, our annual School Improvement Plan will address the objectives in stages over the next three years, and we will monitor and measure our progress towards the objectives through this annual process.